Building and deploying an ASP.NET Core app with Docker containers - in 5 minutes

Today’s tools allow developers to be more productive than ever.

As a little fun side project, I’ve started a new YouTube Channel called One Minute Max. The basic idea is to produce a series of one minute long videos to demonstrate how quickly it’s possible now to write and deploy code and get something out.

Here’s my first playlist, Building and deploying an ASP.NET Core app with Docker containers - in 5 minutes:

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Remixing Commodore 64 Music

The Commodore 64 (my first real computer) was released in 1982, so basically in the bronze age of computing. It’s far from dead though: more than 35 years later, there’s still an large active community out there, even developing new games and apps for it. A while back, I asked a Stack Overflow question about a Commodore Basic quirk which has always bothered me as a teenager, and of course I got an answer.

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Continuous Integration: C# to AWS Lambda

Update (5/28/2017): after I published this post, Norm Johanson tweeted back and recommended using the newly announced dotnet CLI integration for Lambda for deployment. I updated my sample project accordingly and can confirm that this indeed works great with CodeBuild - neat!

End of last year, AWS Lambda, Amazon’s popular Function as a Service (FaaS) offering, announced C# support based on the .NET Core runtime.

Which is neat, because there’s a lot of interesting things you can do with Lambda. One of them is hosting custom skills for Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s voice interface for Echo, for free. I’ll blog about that use case in a later post. (Spoiler alert: “Alexa, any answers to my Stack Overflow questions?”)

One of the first things I like to set up in a new tech ecosystem is a continuous integration (CI) pipeline. This post describes a simple CI setup for C#/.NET Core code to Amazon Lambda.

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