Remixing Commodore 64 Music

The Commodore 64 (my first real computer) was released in 1982, so basically in the bronze age of computing. It’s far from dead though: more than 35 years later, there’s still an large active community out there, even developing new games and apps for it. A while back, I asked a Stack Overflow question about a Commodore Basic quirk which has always bothered me as a teenager, and of course I got an answer.

I’m in particular amazed by the creativity of the C64 music remix community. You’ll find them on sites such as

For example, listen to the tune of Gyroscope for a minute:

And now check out the 2006 remix version by Graham Jarvis and Rob Hartshorne:

Or, one more: listen in to the ending tune of “Space Harrier”…

And now check out Patholog’s remix Space Harrier 2010:


Written on September 3, 2018.